Monday, 16 July 2018

Pre-season results so far

Tues 17th July
Alfreton Town 3-0 Buxton FC
Aslockton & Orston 3-0 Newark Town
Belper Town 0-2 Tamworth FC
Birstall Utd 2-8 Shepshed Dynamo
Burton Joyce 3-1 Gedling SB
Clifton AW C-C Long Eaton Utd
Gainsborough Trinity 0-4 Chesterfield FC
Handsworth Parramore 0-3 Mickleover Sports
Harrowby Utd A-A Bingham Town (serious injury to Jawanza Grant)
Hucknall Town 1-2 AFC Mansfield
Ingles FC 1-2 Aylestone Park 
Leicester Nirvana 0-0 Dunkirk FC
Loughborough University 0-2 Loughborough Dynamo
Matlock Town 1-1 Mansfield Town U23
Notts County XI 2-2 Ilkeston Town
Pinxton FC 0-2 Staveley MW Res
Quorn AFC 1-1 West Bromwich Albion XI
Rainworth MW 2-3 Basford Utd XI
Shirebrook Town 1-2 Sherwood Colliery
Sleaford Town 1-3 Newark Flowserve
Stapenhill FC 1-1 Gresley FC
Teversal FC 1-4 Clay Cross Town

Mon 16th July
Linby CW XI 1-0 Alfreton Town Devp
Renishaw Rangers 3-2 Teversal FC 
South Normanton Ath 2-0 Burton Albion U18
Southwell City 1-1 Collingham FC

Sun 15th July
F.C. Bolsover 0-1 Selston FC

Sat 14th July
AFC Bentley 3-1 Staveley MW
AFC Kilburn 0-3 Ingles FC
Bilborough Town 3-5 Sherwood Colliery Res
Blidworth Welfare 0-1 Heanor Town
Boston Utd 1-1 Chesterfield FC
Buxton FC 0-1 Stockport County
Carlton Town 2-3 Basford Utd
Cleethorpes Town 2-1 Worksop Town
Clipstone FC 1-0 Harworth Colliery
Coalville Town 4-1 Notts County Devp
Eastwood CFC 4-2 Hilton Harriers
Eastwood CFC Res 2-1 Handsworth Parramore Devp
Elston Utd 2-5 Basford Utd CFC
F.C. Cavaliers 5-0 Arnold Town
Handsworth Parramore 3-0 Sheffield Utd XI
Harrowby Utd 4-0 Radcliffe Olympic
Holbrook Sports 2-6 Clay Cross Town
Hucknall Town Res 2-4 Kimberley MW AFC
Keyworth Utd 4-1 AFC Dunkirk
Magdala Ams 6-0 Netherfield Albion
Mickleover RBL 1-4 Belper Utd
Nottingham Community 3-3 Trentside FC
Quorn AFC 3-2 Loughborough Dynamo
Ravenshead FC 2-2 Robin Hood Colts:
Redcar Town 1-1 Hucknall Town
Retford FC 1-1 Sheffield Utd XI 
Retford Utd 0-5 Mansfield Town
Ripley Town 3-1 Gedling Southbank
Shirebrook Town 0-1 AFC Mansfield
South Normanton Ath 1-2 Belper Town
Teversal FC 2-2 Parkgate FC
Underwood Villa 0-3 Ilkeston Town
Welbeck Lions Res 3-1 Shirebrook Rangers 
West Bridgford 0-8 Dunkirk FC
Woodthorpe PR 2-2 Mansfield HM

Fri 13th July
Alfreton Town 2-3 Morecambe FC
Hemsworth MW C-C Newark Flowserve
Mickleover Sports 2-1 Burton Albion XI
Ollerton Town 3-2 Sherwood Colliery
Shepshed Dynamo 5-0 Clifton AW

Thur 12th July
Belper Utd 4-0 Linby CW
Barnoldswick Town 1-3 Buxton FC
Melton Town 2-3 Loughborough Dynamo
West Bridgford 2-1 Radcliffe Olympic
Rainworth MW 4-1 Mansfield Town U23
Robin Hood Colts 5-3 Mansfield Hosiery Mills

Tues 10th July
AFC Kilburn 1-5 South Normanton Ath
Basford Utd 1-3 Notts County
Bilborough Town 1-7 Bridgford Utd
Clipstone FC 1-1 Ollerton Town
Curzon Ashton 1-1 Buxton FC
Harrowby Utd 1-2 Long Eaton Utd
Hucknall Town 3-0 Kimberley MW
Linby CW 4-2 Wollaton FC
Parkgate FC 0-4 Worksop Town
Retford Utd 1-0 Pinxton FC
Shepshed Dynamo 7-1 Aylestone Park
Teversal FC 2-1 Blidworth Welfare
Wirksworth Town 1-2 Holbrook St. Michaels

Mon 9th July
Retford FC 0-1 Staveley MW

Sat 7th July
Alfreton Town 0-1 Doncaster Rovers 
Beeston Rylands 3-5 Bilborough Town
Basford Utd 5-2 Long Eaton Utd
Carlton Town 0-1 Coalville Town 
Eastwood CFC 1-0 Mickleover RBL 
Retford Utd 0-0 Swallownest FC 
Rolls Royce Leisure Select XI 0-17 Notts County 
Rossington Main 0-2 Ilkeston Town 
Sheffield FC 0-5 Chesterfield FC 
Shepshed Dynamo 4-1 Harborough Town

Friday 6th July
Eastwood CFC 3-3 Clay Cross Town
Melton Town 2-1 Grantham Town
Ollerton Town 1-2 Collingham FC
Rainworth MW 3-0 F.C. Bolsover
Ravenshead FC 0-3 Blidworth Welfare

Thur 5th July
Basford Utd 3-2 Boston Utd
Mansfield Town U21 7-0 Mansfield Hosiery Mills

Weds 4th July
Kirton BW 2-1 Robin Hood Sunday
Magdala Amateurs 1-2 Linby CW
West Bridgford 1-6 Notts County Academy

Sat 30th June 
Graham Street Prims 5-3 Heather St. Johns
Ingles FC 3-3 Holbrook St. Michaels
Kirton BW 1-3 Blidworth Welfare

Monday, 21 May 2018

Pre-season 2018-2019

Fixtures will be added here as and when they are released. Please note that pre-season games are usually prone to amendments, postponements etc.

Links to various sites
Evo-Stik (July)
Evo-Stik (Aug)

Weds 18th July
F.C. Bolsover v Chesterfield FC U18 (k.o 7:45pm)
Keyworth Utd v Linby CW (k.o 7:00pm)
Ollerton Town v Staveley MW (k.o 7:45pm)
* Ravenshead FC v Kimberley MW (k.o 7:15pm)
Renishaw Rangers v Swallownest MW (k.o 7:30pm)
Retford FC v Cleethorpes Town XI (k.o 7:30pm)
Robin Hood Colts v Southwell City Res (k.o 7:30pm)
Southwell City v Linby CW (k.o 7:30pm TBC)
Welbeck Lions Res v Sherwood Colliery Res (k.o 7:00pm)

Thurs 19th July
AFC Kilburn Devp v Clipstone FC U21 (k,o 7:00pm)
Bakewell Town v Buxton Town Res (k.o 7:00pm)
Harworth Colliery v Worksop Town (k.o 7:45pm)
* Hucknall Town v Clipstone FC (k.o 7:45pm)
Long Eaton Utd v Gedling MW (k.o 7:30pm)
Matlock Town v Derby County (k.o 7:30pm)
Pinxton FC v Heanor Town (k.o 7:45pm)
Retford Utd v Sherwood Colliery (k.o 7:45pm)
Shirebrook Town v Mansfield Town U21 (k.o 7:45pm)

Fri 20th July
* Basford Utd v Mansfield Town (k.o 7:30pm)
Belper Town v Handsworth Parramore (k.o 7:45pm)

Sat 21st July
AFC Villa v Kirkby Athletic (k.o 2:00pm)
Alfreton Town v Nottm Forest (k.o 3:00pm)
Ashby Ivanhoe v Bilborough Town (3:00pm)
Beeston Rylands v Southwell City Res (k.o 3:00pm)
Blidworth Welfare v Clipstone FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Bridgford Utd v Radcliffe Olympic (k.o 3:00pm at the Brian Wakefield Memorial Ground, Lenton)
Bridlington Town v AFC Mansfield (k.o 3:00pm)
Carlton Town v Bedworth Utd (k.o 3:00pm)
Clay Cross Town v Pinxton FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Clifton AW v Birstall Utd (k.o 3:00pm)
Dronfield Town v Selston FC (k.o tbc)
Eastwood CFC v Ilkeston Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Eastwood CFC Res v Gedling SB (12 noon) (tbc)
F.C. Bolsover v Retford FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Gedling MW v South Normanton Ath (k.o 1:00pm)
Goole AFC v Harworth Colliery (k.o 3:00pm)
Harrowby Utd v Kimberley MW (k.o 3:00pm)
Hucknall Town v Basford Utd XI (k.o 3:00pm)
Kirton BW v Ashland Rovers (k.o 3:00pm)
* Mansfield Hosiery Mills v Linby CW (k.o 3:00pm)
Mickleover RBL v Gedling Southbank (k.o 3:00pm)
New Mills v Buxton FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Ollerton Town v Newark Flowserve (k.o 3:00pm)
Radford FC v Long Eaton Utd (k.o 12:30pm at Basford Utd)
Rainworth MW v Sherwood Colliery (k.o 3:00pm)
Renishaw Rangers v Rossington Main (k.o 3:00pm)
Robin Hood Colts v Sherwood Colliery Res (k.o 3:00pm)
St. Andrews v Ingles FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Shirebrook Town Res v Linby CW Res (k.o 3:00pm)
Southwell City v Anstey Nomads (k.o 3:00pm)
Stapenhill FC v Heanor Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Teversal FC v Mickleover Sports (k.o 3:00pm)
Tintwhistle Athletic v Graham St Prims (k.o tbc)
Uttoxeter Town v Shepshed Dynamo (k.o 3:00pm)
Wollaton FC v Arnold Town (k.o 1:00pm at Chilwell Olympia)
Worksop Town v Sheffield Utd (k.o 3:00pm)

Sun 22nd July
* AC Wollaton v Eastwood & Kimberley FC (k.o 4:00pm at Coronation Park)

Mon 23rd July
Shirebrook Town v Staveley MW (k.o 7:45pm)
Teversal FC v Matlock Town Res (k.o 7:30pm)

Tues 24th July
Arnold Town v Radcliffe Olympic (k.o 7:45pm)
Basford Utd v Ilkeston Town (k.o 7:45pm)
Brighouse Town v Buxton FC (k.o 7:45pm)
Collingham FC v Teversal FC (k.o 7:30pm)
F.C. Bolsover v Kimberley MW (k.o 7:45pm)
Frickley Athletic v Mickleover Sports (k.o 7:45pm)
* Gedling MW v Carlton Town (k.o 7:45pm)
Handsworth Parramore v Chesterfield FC XI (k.o 7:30pm)
Harrowby Utd v Clifton AW (k.o 7:45pm)
Harworth Colliery v AFC Mansfield (k.o 7:45pm)
Holbrook Sports v Stapenhill FC (k.o 7:30pm)
Hucknall Town v Bridgford Utd (k.o 7:45pm)
Loughborough Dynamo v Mansfield Town U21 (k.o 7:45pm)
Mickleover RBL v Sherwood Colliery (k.o 7:00pm)
Ollerton Town v Selston FC (k.o 7:45pm)
Renishaw Rangers v Oughtibridge WM (k.o 7:30pm)
Shepshed Dynamo v Ingles FC (k.o 7:45pm)
South Normanton Ath v Gresley FC (k.o 7:30pm)
Underwood Villa v Sherwood Colliery Res (k.o 7:00pm)
Wollaton FC v Magdala Amateurs (k.o 7:00pm)
Youlgrave FC v Bakewell Town (k.o 7:00pm)

Weds 25th July
Alfreton Town v Burton Albion (k.o 7:45pm)
Anstey Nomads v Stapenhill FC ((k.o 7:30pm)
Bilborough Town v Oadby Town (k.o 8:00pm)
Chesterfield FC v Wigan Athletic (k.o 7:00pm)
Clay Cross Town v Shirebrook Town (k.o 7:45pm)
Eastwood CFC v Awsworth Villa (tbc)
Graham St Prims v Long Eaton Utd (k.o 7:30pm)
Hucknall Town Res v Southwell City Res (k.o 7:45pm)
Ingles FC v Oadby Town (k.o 7:45pm)
Kimberley MW AFC v Linby CW Res (k.o 7:30pm)
* Ravenshead FC v Ashland Rovers (k.o 7:15pm)
Swanwick PR v Staveley MW Res (k.o 7:45pm)
Worksop Town v Lincoln Utd (k.o 7:45pm)

Thur 26th July
Aslockton & Orston v AFC Bridgford (k.o 7:00pm)
* Clipstone FC v Mansfield Town U21 (k.o 7:30pm)
Dronfield Town v Sherwood Colliery (k.o 7:45pm)
Kiveton Park v Retford FC (k.o 7:30pm)
Quorn AFC v Paget Rangers (k.o 8:00pm)
Swallownest FC v AFC Mansfield (k.o 7:30pm)
Worsborough BA v Belper Town (k.o 7:45pm)

Fri 27th July
Coalville Town v Mickleover Sports (k.o 7:30pm)
Ilkeston Town v York City (k.o 7:00pm)
Mickleover RBL v Wirksworth Town (k.o 7:30pm)
Pinxton FC v Selston FC (k.o time tbc)
Southwell City v Collingham FC (k.o 7:30pm)

Sat 28th July
AFC Villa v Robin Hood Colts (k.o 2:00pm)
Alfreton Town v Chesterfield FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Arnold Town v Holwell Sports (k.o 3:00pm)
Aslockton & Orston v West Bridgford (k.o 2:00pm)
Atherstone Town v Gedling MW (k.o 3:00pm)
* Basford Utd v Kings Lynn Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Blidworth Welfare v Shirebrook Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Burton Joyce v Southwell City Res (k.o 3:00pm)
Calverton MW v Linby CW (k.o 3:00pm)
Carlton Town v Notts County XI (k.o 3:00pm)
Clay Cross Town v Selston FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Clipstone FC v Chesterfield FC XI (k.o 3:00pm)
Eastwood CFC v AFC Hinckley (k.o 3:00pm)
Eastwood CFC Res v Hucknall Town Res (k.o 12 noon)
Goole AFC v Belper Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Grantham Town v AFC Mansfield (k.o 3:00pm)
Gresley FC v Matlock Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Grimsby Borough v Lincoln Utd (k.o 3:00pm)
Handsworth Parramore v Hallam FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Harworth Colliery v Staveley MW Res (k.o 3:00pm)
Holbrook Sports v Swanwick PR (k.o 3:00pm)
Kimberley MW v Desford FC (k.o 3:00pm at the Stag Ground)
Kimberley MW AFC v Desford FC Devp (k.o 1:00pm at Digby Street)
Kirlby Ath v Ripley Town (k.o 2:00pm at Ashfield School)
Kirton Brickworks v Newark Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Limestone Rangers v Retford FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Loughborough Dynamo v Burton Albion Academy (k.o 3:00pm)
Mansfield HM v Rainworth MW  (k.o 3:00pm)
Newark Flowserve v Harrowby Utd (k.o 3:00pm)
St. Andrews v Bilborough Town  (k.o 3:00pm)
Shepshed Dynamo v Stamford AFC (k.o 3:00pm)
Shildon FC v Long Eaton Utd (k.o 3:00pm)
Spalding Utd v Worksop Town (k.o 3:00pm)
South Normanton Ath v Radford FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Stapenhill FC v Mickleover Sports XI (k.o 3:00pm)
Tamworth FC v Buxton FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Teversal FC Res v Sherwood Colliery Res (k.o 1:00pm)
Teversal FC v Sherwood Colliery (k.o 3:00pm)
Wollaton FC v Woodthorpe PR (k.o 1:00pm)

Sun 29th July
Balby Athletic v Bakewell Town (k.o 11:00am)
Eastwood & Kimberley FC v Lovell FC (k.o 11:00am at Kimberley LC)
Walesby FC v Robin Hood Colts Sunday (k.o 11:00am)

Mon 30th July
Buxton FC v Chesterfield FC XI (k.o 7:30pm)
Graham St Prims v Gresley FC (k.o 7:30pm)
Matlock Town v Chesterfield FC XI (k.o 7:30pm)
Staveley MW v Doncaster Rovers U23 (k.o 7:30pm)

Tues 31st July
* Arnold Town v Hucknall Town (k.o 7:45pm)
Holbrook St. Michaels v Renishaw Rangers
Mansfield HM v F.C. Bolsover (k.o 7:45pm)
Matlock Town v Burton Albion XI (k.o 7:30pm)
Melton Town v Shepshed Dynamo (k.o 7:45pm)
Mickleover RBL v Mickleover Sports (k.o 7:30pm)
Netherfield Albion v Sherwood Colliery Res (k.o 7:00pm)
Radcliffe Olympic v Gedling MW (k.o 7:45pm)
Rossington Main v Handsworth Parramore (k.o 7:30pm)
Worksop Town v Chesterfield FC (k.o 7:45pm)

Weds 1st Aug
* Bilborough Town v Saffron Dynamo
Clay Cross Town v Clipstone FC (k.o 7:45pm)
Eastwood CFC Res v Ashland Rovers (8:00pm) (tbc)
Gresley FC v Burton Albion XI (k.o 7:45pm)
Heanor Town v Mickleover Sports (k.o 7:30pm)
Sandiacre Town v Wollaton FC (k.o 7:00pm)

Thurs 2nd Aug
Aslockton & Orston v East Bridgford (k.o 6:45pm)
* Basford Utd v Charlton Athletic (k.o 7:00pm)
Clipstone FC U21 v Sherwood Colliery Res (k.o 7:00pm)
Eastwood CFC v Mansfield Town (k.o 7:45pm)
Harworth Colliery v Retford Utd (k.o 7:30pm)
Swallownest MW v Worksop Town (k.o 7:45pm)

Fri 3rd Aug
* Carlton Town v Mansfield Town (k.o 7:45pm)

Sat 4th Aug
AFC Mansfield v Matlock Town (k.o 3:00pm)
AFC Villa v Ravenshead FC Res (k.o 2:00pm)
Aslockton & Orston v Bingham Town (k.o 2:00pm)
Belper Town v Coalville Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Brighouse v Basford Utd (k.o 3:00pm)
Eastwood CFC Res v Wollaton FC (12 noon) (tbc)
Loughborough Dynamo v Sileby Town (k.o 3:00pm)
Mansfield HM v Wollaton FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Mickleover RBL v Staveley MW Res (k.o 3:00pm)
Mossley FC v Buxton FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Newark Flowserve Res v Linby CW Res (k.o 2:00pm)
Robin Hood Colts v Ashland Rovers (k.o 3:00pm)
Southwell City v Desford FC (k.o 1:00pm)
Southwell City Res v Desford FC Devp (k.o 3:00pm)
Wirksworth Ivanhoe v Matlock Town Res

Sun 5th Aug
Eastwood & Kimberley FC v Intra Squad (k.o 10:30am at Kimberley LC)

Tues 7th August
Aslockton & Orston v Newark Town Sunday (k.o 6:45pm)
Belper Town v Chesterfield FC XI (k.o 7:30pm)
Eastwood CFC v Nottm Forest (k.o 7:45pm)

Weds 8th Aug
Eastwood CFC Res v Wirksworth Town (k.o 8:00pm) (tbc)
Mickleover Sports v Huddersfield Town (k.o 7:30pm)
Worksop Town v Burton Albion  (k.o 7:45pm TBC)

Fri 10th Aug
Kidsgrove Athletic v Mickleover Sports (k.o 7:30pm)

Sat 11th Aug
AFC Villa v Arnold Samba (k.o 2:00pm)
Basford Utd v Loughborough Dynamo (k.o 3:00pm)
Belper Town v Matlock Town ( k.o 3:00pm - Caroline Melbourne Trophy)
Carlton Town v Mickleover Sports (k.o 3:00pm)
Glossop NE v Buxton FC (k.o 3:00pm)
Matlock Town Res v Staveley MW Res (k.o 3:00pm)
Skegness Town Res v Eastwood & Kimberley FC (k.o 3:00pm)

Sat 18th Aug
AFC Villa v Gedling Town (k.o 2:00pm)

Sun 19th Aug
* AC Wollaton v Eastwood & Kimberley FC (k.o 4:00pm at Coronation Park)

Fri 24th Aug
Eastwood FC v Eastwood & Kimberley FC (k.o 7:45pm - venue TBC)

Sat 25th Aug
AFC Villa v Arnold Samba (k.o 2:00pm)

Sun 26th Aug
ABP FC v Eastwood @& Kimberley FC (k.o 10:30am - venue TBC)